Solenoid Manufacturers In Pune

General Information

Pressure, Temperature, and Over Speed Switches

We manufacture a complete range of pressure, temperature, and overspeed switches. Our safety devices have been designed, produced and tested to meet the need for rugged, vibration resistant devices that function dependably for full time protection of valuable equipment. Ability to withstand shock and vibration allows the units to be mounted directly on engines and equipment. The precision snap action switches used in all devices are built to meet industry standards for reliability, electrical and mechanical life cycle characteristics.

Solenoid Manufacturers In Pune

Customized Solenoids

We offer Customized Solenoids built according to our customer’s requirements. These are known for their efficiency, robust performance, their effectiveness and high grade quality. We are flexible to customize our product to meet our client’s automotive requirements. Our range is known for high quality performance making use of quality metals.

Electrical Rating

All Switches are rated at a nominal 2 Amps 24 V dc inductive or 10 Amps 24 V dc .restive
Many factors affect current ratings and critical applications may require detailed analysis. Generally, higher than rated currents can be handled with a reduction in life expectancy. Very low currents, below tens of milliards and/or voltages below 5 V, may require special switch mechanisms.


Our Pressure switches feature elastomeric diaphragms. Materials are carefully selected for media compatibility, lifetime durability and temperature performance. Nitrile is the material of choice for most applications. Other materials are available for specific applications.

Solenoid Manufacturers In Pune

Life Expectancy

The mechanical and electrical life of our Switch is in excess of one million cycles. In actual application,  operating life depends on many variables and specific tests are recommended if marginal conditions exist.

Testing procedures and precautions in use of Safety Switches.

All safety devices require special rigs for testing and calibration and should not be tested for faults or for calibration on the engine.

If malfunction is suspected in a particular device,  the device should be removed from the engine and tested independently,  on a test rig and not on the engine.

Temperature Switches need very specialized rigs for calibration testing and cannot be tested in the field.
Over Speed switches should be mounted using the clamp provided, with the cable end pointing downward.

Normally Over Speed switches are run at half the actual engine speed e.g. if the engine normal speed is 1500 RPM the Overspeed unit runs at 750 RPM and cuts out between 900-925 RPM.

The battery should NEVER be connected across a device without a load in series, since this will cause the entire battery current to pass through the switch, causing it to burn out.